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BenJammins is the Founding Father of Memes, professor of Memology 101 at the Academy of Jamology. Inventor, Diplomat, Twitch streamer; BenJammins can Jam on them all. "Get Jammed On" - The catchphrase that is taking the Nation by storm, is an expression that BenJammins concocted in the Jammins' Exploratory in the late 18th century. Rumors of his demise in 1790 had been greatly exaggerated. His philosophy and words to live by, Confidence over Competence, is the foundation of how to properly "Jam" on his opponents.

His most famous invention is his handmade local bifocals, designed with black tint so that he doesn't have to squint, resistant to fingerprint, with a hint of mint. (Disclaimer, no carbon footprint)